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As an artist of the Northwest, also showing in New England,

Adrienne Anderson-Smith has been well versed doing freelance & contracted work in many media. She has won awards in freehand graphic arts (Grand Champion in Calligraphy,) performed contract & charity work creating logos, mascots, advertisements, newsletters, posters, ballots,

t-shirts, mugs, ‘album’ cd covers, banners, brochures & fliers.


While the Art World moves into the future it seemed appropriate to pursue another unusual tangent of talent. She has grasped the opportunity to expand her artistic horizons into digital design. The precision of Calligraphy, knowledge & experience in many media, along with a great deal of variety regarding approach, all of these work well together in application by means of computer art. From realism to abstract, classic to contemporary, profound to humorous, serious to amusing, philosophical to emotional, her spectrum is wide to say the least. Another branch of her skills lies in contracted restoration of archival photography.


Observing an array of faces throughout life helps expand awareness of diversity, depth and character. Character is an essential principles in graphic art, engrossing and inspiring, captivating.



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